Lattus Object Storage

Lattus™ Object Storage meets the extreme scalability, durability and access requirements of large-scale, long-term archives.

Lattus P100 Datasheet
Lattus Object Storage

P100/X100 Specifications

Lattus P100/X100 object storage architecture is designed for massive scale, provides data durability, addresses the limitations of RAID and file structure, and delivers CapEx/OpEx affordability. 

The Lattus P100 starts with 720 terabytes (TB) of raw storage and scales up in increments of 720TB to over 2PB. The system can also scale out across multiple racks or multiple geographic locations. Each system delivers up to 8GB/sec throughput for high productivity. Its Dynamic Data Placement feature enables the customer to grow the system without re-balancing and avoid forklift upgrades. IT staff can easily add capacity and performance to keep up with high data growth rates, and manage it with ease. 


The Lattus X100 system addresses the challenges of a DIY approach to cloud-scale object storage by delivering an integrated system that can be up and running quickly. Each system is vertically integrated with software, networking and hardware. It scales up from 840 TB (raw), scales out to over 52 PB, and delivers outstanding data consistency, availability and durability. 


Featured Benefits

Lattus disk archives combine the power of next-generation object storage technology with industry leading erasure code to deliver maximum availability.


Easy Integration with Existing Workflow

High-speed access to content is available through a variety of access on-ramp. Applications can connect via Quantum’s NAS gateway as well as Lattus native S3 HTTP REST protocol. Additionally, many 3rd party applications already integrate with Quantum StorNext® Storage Manager, which provides immediate access to Lattus as a storage tier. Finally, Rocket Arkivio can be leveraged to profile data and add intelligent data movement policies that leverage Lattus as an extended-online, nearline or active archive tier of storage.


Durable, Self-Healing Protection from Data Loss

Using field proven forward error correction code technology, Lattus provides extreme durability to ensure data is protected in the event of device or component failure. Lattus is self-healing: In the background it checks for disk errors and corrects them. When failed drives are replaced or additional capacity is added to the storage, intelligent algorithms redistribute the objects to make full use of the new storage capacity. These capabilities ensure data is well-protected and virtually eliminate unscheduled maintenance. Similarly, upgrading to new storage technologies is as simple as gradually replacing storage nodes—Lattus simply redistributes the objects.


Predictably Fast Retrieval Times

Low latency disk storage yields predictably fast retrieval times, independent of physical location. High-speed access to the data objects is available through Quantum file system technologies, including NAS access and StorNext® Storage Manager integration, as well as native HTTP REST.


Scales to Hundreds of Petabytes

Built on next-generation object storage, Lattus offers an architecture that enables it to scale to hundreds of petabytes with a flat object namespace. Plus, dispersion algorithms can be tuned to spread the data across multiple sites to improve accessibility and availability.


  • Security Data encryption-in-flight (AES-256), Data encryption-at-rest (AES-256), Multi-geo network security.
  • Data protection BitSpread: Advanced Rateless Erasure Coding.
  • SW/FW upgrades Non-disruptive rolling upgrades.
  • Client throughput performance Up to 3.5 GB/s per base.
  • Data integrity Tolerates 1,000 bit errors per object.
  • Data durability From 11 nines (99.999999999%) to 15 nines (99.9999999999999%).

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