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Easy. Scalable. Efficient.

Scalar® i3 tape library is designed for ease of use, from initial setup to ongoing management.

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Mid-sized Environments Face Unique Backup Challenges

Mid-sized Environments Face Unique Backup Challenges

Medium-sized businesses and remote office locations often struggle to keep backup working effectively while keeping costs low.  Many disk backup products can leave data vulnerable to malware, and they can make it difficult to get copies of files off-site for true DR protection.  

Tape traditionally has been an answer, but unpredictable data growth makes it hard to plan backup systems, and most tape libraries make scaling complex and expensive.  On top of that, traditional tape libraries can cost IT admin staff hours and hours in management time. 

Modular Tape System Solves the Problems

Scalar i3 was designed specifically to give mid-sized IT environments the kind of protection provided by LTO media, while solving the problems associated with cost, scaling, and management. The Scalar i3 can start as a single, 3U unit, providing dense, cost-effective backup storage of up to 750 TB.  But then it can scale in 25-cartridge increments as data volumes increase—all the way up to 12 PB.  Its Capacity-on-Demand (CoD), software-key growth makes growing the system easy and economical.

The Scalar i3 features simple cartridge-based media handling, and it uses Quantum’s intelligent iLayer™ management software to monitor library systems and provide intuitive, proactive alerts. The result is the industry’s best tape backup protection at the lowest total ownership cost.

Modular Tape System Solves the Problems

Featured Benefits


Reduce Administration Time

Quantum’s iLayer management software, at the core of every Scalar library, has been fully refreshed, bringing system setup and management to a whole new level of ease. An intuitive, mobile-first management interface guides users quickly through the setup process. And its proactive diagnostic feature ensures the system stays up and running with minimal administrative involvement—saving valuable time and operating expenses.


Manage Data Growth

While Scalar i3 is designed as an easy-to-manage, cost-effective, entry-level tape library, it has the flexibility to grow as storage needs change. Scalar i3 can scale cartridge slots from 25 up to 400, in 25-slot increments with Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) software licensing, increasing compressed LTO-8 capacity from 750 TB up to 12 PB. Scalar i3 also supports from 1 to 24 tape drives, allowing users to balance read/write performance as needed.


Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs

Scalar i3 comes packed with high-efficiency features designed to minimize the total storage costs. Features like best-in-class storage density (reducing data center footprint with up to 12 PB in just 24U), and 80 PLUS® certified power supplies (requiring the lowest power and cooling needs), minimize the operating costs of storing data offline for ransomware protection or the long-term preservation of archive data. 

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Technical Specifications

No. of Modules: 1 (1 CM)
Form Factor: 3U
Maximum Slots: 50
Maximum Drives: 3
Max Capacity TB (PB)1:

  • LTO-6 (L6): 313 TB | 0.3 PB
  • LTO-7 (L7): 750 TB | 0.8 PB
  • LTO-8 (M8)2: 1,125 TB | 1.1 PB
  • LTO-8 (L8): 1,500 TB | 1.5 PB

No. of Modules: 2 (1 CM + 1 EM)
Form Factor: 6U
Maximum Slots: 100
Maximum Drives: 6
Max Capacity TB (PB)1:

  • LTO-6 (L6): 625 TB | 0.6 PB
  • LTO-7 (L7): 1,500 TB | 1.5 PB
  • LTO-8 (M8)2: 2,250 TB | 2.3 PB
  • LTO-8 (L8): 3,000 TB | 3.0 PB

No. of Modules: 3
Form Factor: 9U
Maximum Slots: 150
Maximum Drives: 9
Max Capacity TB (PB)1:

  • LTO-6 (L6): 938 TB | 0.9 PB
  • LTO-7 (L7): 2,250 TB | 2.3 PB
  • LTO-8 (M8)2: 3,375 TB | 3.4 PB
  • LTO-8 (L8): 4,500 TB | 4.5 PB

No. of Modules: 4
Form Factor: 12U
Maximum Slots: 200
Maximum Drives: 12
Max Capacity TB (PB)1:

  • LTO-6 (L6): 1,250 TB | 1.3 PB
  • LTO-7 (L7): 3,000 TB | 3.0 PB
  • LTO-8 (M8)2: 4,500 TB | 4.5 PB
  • LTO-8 (L8): 6,000 TB | 6.0 PB

No. of Modules: 5
Form Factor: 15U
Maximum Slots: 250
Maximum Drives: 15
Max Capacity TB (PB)1:

  • LTO-6 (L6): 1,563 TB | 1.6 PB
  • LTO-7 (L7): 3,750 TB | 3.8 PB
  • LTO-8 (M8)2: 5,625 TB | 5.6 PB
  • LTO-8 (L8): 7,500 TB | 7.5 PB

No. of Modules: 6
Form Factor: 18U
Maximum Slots: 300
Maximum Drives: 18
Max Capacity TB (PB)1:

  • LTO-6 (L6): 1,875 TB | 1.9 PB
  • LTO-7 (L7): 4,500 TB | 4.5 PB
  • LTO-8 (M8)2: 6,750 TB | 6.8 PB
  • LTO-8 (L8): 9,000 TB | 9.0 PB

No. of Modules: 7
Form Factor: 21U
Maximum Slots: 350
Maximum Drives: 21
Max Capacity TB (PB)1:

  • LTO-6 (L6): 2,188 TB | 2.2 PB
  • LTO-7 (L7): 5,250 TB | 5.3 PB
  • LTO-8 (M8)2: 7,875 TB | 7.9 PB
  • LTO-8 (L8): 10,500 TB | 10.5 PB

No. of Modules: 8
Form Factor: 24U
Maximum Slots: 400
Maximum Drives: 24
Max Capacity TB (PB)1:

  • LTO-6 (L6): 2,500 TB | 2.5 PB
  • LTO-7 (L7): 6,000 TB | 6.0 PB
  • LTO-8 (M8)2: 9,000 TB | 9.0 PB
  • LTO-8 (L8): 12,000 TB | 12.0 PB

Minimum capacity is 25 slots; additional slots can be activated with a Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) license.
1Assumes 2.5:1 compression.
2New, unused LTO generation 7 cartridges can be initialized as LTO-8 Type M media (M8).

User Interface: Local touch screen; HTML5 remote management GUI with mobilefirst design for mobile, tablet, and PC support

Connectivity Options: 8 Gb Fibre Channel and 6 Gb SAS

Inventory Speed: Approximately 1 minute for typical configurations

Firmware Updates: Customers can choose to have automatic checks for firmware updates to ensure use of the latest library and drive code levels

Configuration: Auto-discovery and auto-calibration for installed/added components (modules, tapes, drives, magazines, etc.)

Library Partitioning: Supports up to 24 partitions

Import/Export: Customers can choose to have automatic checks for firmware updates to ensure use of the latest library and drive code levels

Library MSBF: Greater than 2 million

Library MTTR: 30 minutes

Power: 80 PLUS® certified power supplies

Diagnostics: Proactive Diagnostics embedded within the library monitor major subsystems, run self-diagnostic procedures, and send policy-based communications to system administrators

Module Upgrade: Any module may be added in less than 30 minutes; all components are customer installable.

Control Module (H × W × D): 5.2 in x 17.4 in x 36.4 in (13.3 cm x 44.1 cm x 92.45 cm)

Expansion Module (H × W × D): 5.2 in x 17.4 in x 36.4 in (13.3 cm x 44.1 cm x 92.45 cm)

  • Library must be installed in a standard 19-inch four-post rack enclosure
  • Minimum rack depth is 42.13 inches (1,070 mm)

For a complete list of software and platforms compatible with Scalar i3, consult the most recent Quantum Software Compatibility Guide

Safety Standards: IEC-60950 with worldwide country deviations

Emissions Standards: CNS 13438 Class A, EN 55022:2010 Class A, FCC Part 15 Class A, KN 32, VCCI

Immunity Standards: EN 55024, KN 35

International Certifications: CE (Europe), VCCI (Japan), TUV/GS (Germany), FCC (USA), ICES (Canada), cTUVus (USA and Canada), EAC (EurAsian Conformity Mark), KCC (Korea), BSMI (Taiwan)

Electrical: 100 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz

Power: 80 PLUS® certified power supplies

Temperature: 16 °C to 35 °C operating temperature

Humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing operating humidity

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