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Easily retain, protect and manage data in a hybrid cloud environment. 

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Quantum’s Artico™ NAS appliance provides a simple, cost-efficient way to implement a Hybrid Cloud environment without disrupting IT or business operations. With Artico, configuring access to Public or Private Cloud storage is as simple at connecting a NAS share. 


Fully Integrated System

Artico delivers a NAS-based, shared-storage solution that’s purpose-built to reduce storage costs and optimize productivity. 


High-Performance Shared Disk Storage

Form collaborative workflows for workgroups of all types. 


Cross-Platform Collaboration

Collaborate across Linux, Windows, UNIX and Mac OS X operating systems; simplifies deployment and supports a broad range of applications. 


Powered by StorNext

StorNext’s proven file system software field is making an impact in tens of thousands of demanding storage environments worldwide. 


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Quantum maintains a global presence in more than 180 countries, with 24/7 online and multilingual expert phone support for our breadth of product lines. 

Quantum Artico Intelligent NAS Storage Appliance for Public and Private Cloud

Quantum’s Artico™ NAS appliance provides a simple, cost-efficient way to implement a Hybrid Cloud environment, without disrupting IT or business operations. With Artico, configuring access to Public or Private Cloud storage is as simple at connecting a NAS share. There is no need to wait for applications to be “cloud ready” as Artico takes the guesswork out of connecting to the cloud. Just set up the NAS share, configure policies to leverage Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or both for protection and long-term retention. The rest is automated, further reducing IT resource burden and the complexity of leveraging a Hybrid-Cloud-enabled solution to meet both off-site and on-site storage requirements. An automated solution like Artico is the best way to deliver high-performance data access, off-site protection, and overall lower storage cost for long-term retention of valued or regulated data.

Storage Management Challenge

The need to keep more data, keep it longer but keep it accessible for business users is more necessary today than ever before. Business users such as Engineering, Marketing, Legal, Research, etc. who generate a vast amount of data and content require ongoing access to that data long after it has been created. Storing and managing this growing data long term on high-performance primary storage can be very cost prohibitive, can impact overall system and network performance, and typically results in ongoing expensive upgrades to keep pace. Alternatively, archiving this data to off-site or offline tape often leaves it inaccessible to business users, requiring retrieval by IT that could take hours, consuming IT resources and leaving users unhappy.

As cloud costs have decreased, IT departments have looked to implement cloud strategies as part of their storage management process. The issue up until now is that solutions to effectively leverage the cloud have been complex, disruptive to both IT and business users, and difficult to implement.

Implement Hybrid Cloud for Long-term Data Retention

Store, protect and access data via simple, intelligent NAS appliance
Control data movement betweeen on-site and cloud storage via automated policies
Non-disruptive to business users and IT operations

Quantum Artico NAS storage provides a simple, cost-efficient and non-disruptive way to implement Hybrid Cloud storage in your environment. Moving data to the cloud is simple: with StorNext® inside, Artico offers intelligent, policy-based protection and tiering to Lattus™ Object Storage for Private Cloud and FlexTier and Q-Cloud Vault (powered by Amazon S3 and Glacier, respectively) for Public Cloud. In addition, Artico also provides tiering to tape—providing another low-cost storage option.

Connecting Artico to the cloud is a one-click operation through its easy-to-use GUI. Data is automatically moved over time to the most appropriate tier of storage—on-premise or in the cloud—while at the same time providing automated data protection. Users can tune Artico’s policies to adjust how long data remains on Artico’s internal disk storage and when it is migrated to other storage tiers, including how much content remains on premise in the Private Cloud or other storage and how much is stored in the Public Cloud. In this way, time to access data can be optimized to meet business users’ specific needs. In addition, Artico’s policies can create multiple copies of files, automating data protection and protecting data against component failure and site disaster.

Access to data is non-disruptive to business users. User file access does not change as data is migrated to the cloud. Artico’s intelligent file system monitors where the data currently resides (disk, object, cloud, or tape) and automatically retrieves it from that tier of storage. Artico presents a consistent location for the file no matter where the data resides.

Fast Return on Investment. Fast Access to Data.

There are multiple ways in which Artico reduces storage TCO, optimizing storage spend. Storing data on Artico means that all data no longer needs to reside on high-performance primary storage, resulting in reduced cost and better performance of production storage systems. In addition, this data is no longer part of the regular backup process, reducing backup storage and software costs as well as backup windows. Finally, utilizing multiple tiers of storage in a Hybrid Cloud environment means that spend on each tier of storage, including on-premise and off-premise storage, can be managed and optimized from a single location by adjusting Artico’s automated data migration policies.

So now rather than spending more on expensive primary and backup storage to accommodate multiple copies of the same data—impacting performance of your production systems and critical applications— your data can be accessed, stored, managed, and protected on less-expensive storage in a tiered, Hybrid Cloud environment without impacting the day-to-day productivity of those who need access to their data.

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