VM and Hyperconverged Data Protection

For hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) running virtual environments and production applications, managing protection and ensuring availability presents some special challenges. Many vendors will emphasize a “snapshot-based” approach to protection, but this doesn’t protect customers from all types of data loss, such as localized disasters and ransomware. Quantum’s solutions work with all leading backup applications to protect hyperconverged infrastructures against all types of data loss—regardless of hypervisor, platform and the underlying hardware. 

Featured Benefits

Companies are deploying hyperconverged infrastructures to power their virtual environments, databases and even network and file storage. These infrastructures make it easy to scale out compute and capacity, can be easier to deploy and give enterprises good economy at scale.   


Complement Snapshots, and Protect Data Against Ransomware and Localized Disasters

Even in hyperconverged instractures, having a backup strategy is critical to fully protect your data.  That’s why Quantum solutions work with your backup application to protect your data against all forms of data loss. 


Maximize Hyperconverged Infrastructure Uptime by Minimizing Backup Windows

Quantum’s purpose-built backup appliances provide the fastest backup and restore performance, so you can get the most “production” out of your production infrastructure. 


Backup Application-agnostic, and Hypervisor-agnostic

Quantum’s data protection solutions are certified and integrated with all leading backup applications, and can protect your hyperconverged infrastructure regardless of vendor or hypervisor choice. 


Minimize Backup and Secondary Storage Costs

Quantum’s unique tiered-storage approach to architecting data protection solutions means lower total cost of ownership for our customer, so you can apply your budget dollars toward enabling your business. 

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