Proven Storage Solutions for Any Video Surveillance Infrastructure

Gain the advantage of multi-tier storage that can grow with your needs without compromising cost, access or performance.

Solutions for Surveillance and Security

City Surveillance Powered by High-Performance Storage

Balancing performance, capacity, and cost across the entire infrastructure, providing a cost-effective approach to long-term retention of data.

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Transform Healthcare Security with Intelligent Storage

Intelligent storage enables healthcare facilities to actively address security needs today, and well into the future.

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Intelligent Case Management

An intelligent, scalable video storage solution can help police officers simplify their IT infrastructure—all while storing more and spending less.

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Smart Storage for Transportation

Transportation agencies are struggling to manage the wealth of data being produced when monitoring highways for traffic flow, optimizing train schedules and analyzing travelers at airports. Leveraging an intelligent, scalable storage solution for video makes it possible to not only prevent crises before they occur, but also monetize video for increased operational efficiency.

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Improve Retail Business Intelligence with Video Storage

Intelligent storage for video surveillance designed to solve the most pressing storage challenges of today’s retailer businesses.

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Featured Benefits

The ability to match the right storage technology to the right data at the right time provides powerful benefits in the face of today’s massive explosion of video. Whether it's ten or tens of thousands of cameras, it’s critical to have a reliable storage solution that balances cost, access and performance—all in one.



Store More, Spend Less

The combination of camera counts, retention requirements and an increase in analytic tools results in more and more data being stored.


Ease of Access to Data

Video surveillance doesn’t adhere to a “5 Nines” schedule—it’s there to gather data 24 hours a day, every day.


Performance Matters

Today’s video surveillance and physical security infrastructures can often scale to thousands of hi-res cameras that simultaneously capture and analyze video to be stored securely.

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